Corrosion 2014 in Gliwice

Chemistry Faculty of Silesian University of TechnologyI am in Poland now at the conference 'Corrosion 2014' hosted by the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. The conference is still continuing, but it is already possible to make some first conclusions: briefly, this is a very high level forum, in which many true professionals are taking part. I have to give all the credits to the Silesian University of Technology and to the Polish corrosionists in general. I wish I had mentors like these when I was a student. Special credits to Prof. Pawel Nowak for his really brilliant treatise of the impedance measured in the corrosion processes of magnesium alloys. And specil thanks to the organisers of the poster session. Normally, posters are the most boring and uninteresting part of any conference. But this time I was really impressed to see so many works of graduate and postgraduate students made in so familiar for myself fields as PEO, corrosion measurements of non-ferrous alloys and some others.

(What you see on the left is not Hogwarts. It is the 'Red Chemistry Building" of the Silesian University of Technology.)